Ralph Breaks the Internet – review

A major distinguishing factor between Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar is sequels. Pixar makes tons of sequels. Most Pixar movies are instant hits, and they ride the wave. For Walt Disney Animation Studios releases, sequels are much less common. So despite how good Wreck-It Ralph was back in 2012, it still is a little surprising to see a sequel. However, oftentimes surprises are good and Ralph is someone who seems like he has another story to tell.

Starring John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, Jack McBrayer, and Jane Lynch, Ralph Breaks the Internet takes place presumably not too long after the conclusion of Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph and Penelope are buds who like to hang out and have fun. Ralph has made large personal strides and is now quite happy and comfortable in his situation. Unfortunately, Ralph and Penelope were having a little too much fun while a paying customer was playing the game, frustrating the customer to the point where the steering wheel on Penelope’s game broke.

This seems like an immediate death sentence as the replacement part is no longer manufactured until Ralph and Penelope learn that I replacement part can be ordered on the mystical site Ebay. Ralph and Penelope set off to the world wide web to find ebay, get the replacement part, and save Penelope’s game before it is carted off for good. The problem is that entering the internet exposes the pair to a brand new world which upsets the new status quo Ralph has grown accustomed to.

Much like it’s predecessor, Ralph Breaks the Internet takes Ralph on a personal journey of self-growth. Unlike it’s predecessor this film relies on pop culture references that aren’t all that endearing (think mega web based corporations) and a much more nebulous ending. The main villain of Ralph Breaks the Internet proved to be a little too nebulous . . . or literal depending on how you take it. Pacing also suffered. There really wasn’t any sort of slow crescendo and the film instead just seemed to trudge along. The film could have definitely used a few cuts and shortened run-time.

Ralph Breaks the internet is still entertaining, it just fails to live up to the original, and probably serves as a good reason why Walt Disney Animation Studios usually stays away from sequels.

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